The professional preparation-, bakery- and regeneration oven


Based on the idea that intramural care facilities usually do not have their own food production facilities, but instead choose to regenerate or prepare meals meals or meal components. For this purpose Holland Techno Groep, A.F.P.S. has developed the hotAir line of convection ovens. This productline offers a reliable way of regenerating and preparing meals or meal components.

The hotAir line of convection ovens offers:
• A very wide range of convection ovens, appropriate for anything ranging from the smallest to the largest quantities, multi-portion meals and GN containers
• Reliable and intuitive operation
• Very high durability and very long product lifespan

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Now also available:
• Stacking kits
• 2 in 1 oven
• Condensation hood
• Glass doors
• Stands
• Safety motor rotation
• Pre time-settings
• Built-in oven
• And lots more

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